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Tuesday, June 7, 2022   /   by Justin Watson

Why Real Estate Is A Good Investment

Why Real Estate Is A Good Investment

In todays post, I'll show you 10 reasons why real estate is a good investment.

Hi my name is Justin with RE/MAX Edge. I am a top 4% selling agent here in Hampton Roads. Recently being honored as "Agent of the year" with RE/MAX Edge. Having sold 100's of homes, I can say Ive seen just about everything. Okay, enough bragging...
Lets Dive Right In!
Real estate is one of safest forms of investing because prices rarely go down. If they do, it's usually only for a limited amount of time.
In comparison to fiat dollars, the value of said dollar decreases as more is printed. That is not the case with real estate. The more homes that are built will not decrease the overall value of said property.
2. Natural Appreciation
Populations are constantly increasing and people are always needing somewhere to live. These factors drive demand for housing which in turn increases the value of the property owned. 
"The ...

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